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OpenAI GPT-2 modified for DB functionality (Mr_KrzYch00) with added TOP_P (nshepperd), TOP_P Ranges List (Mr_KrzYch00) and TOP_P Ordering (Mr_KrzYch00) support.
The AI tries to predict a possible outcome from typed text, basing on its deeply learned/trained model.
Generated samples are session locked. 5 samples are generated at once, processing usually takes up to 2~3 minutes.
Mouse over on each element for more information in a form of tooltips. Good idea is to not exceed 500~700 words.

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TOP_P List (0 ~ 1) |

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Original GPT-2 (source) is slightly modified to allow TOP_P parameter to work. Sample generator was heavly modified to enable database interface and dynamic parameter adjusting as well as extended input length.